Starting a new company in Seattle, coincidental space

March 9, 2006 at 9:33 am Leave a comment

I went to the local bank here in Seattle with my business partner Keith, and we didn’t have all of our paperwork together, so off we went home by our selves.  We finished our work on our Beta website for a product for real estate agents hosted at this is essentially a brochure wear site, and we will be adding message boards, blogs etc to create community around real estate agents.  But any way not to get off the topic, Seattle still doesn’t suck because today, the bank people were very diverse, friendly, and cultured.  We walked in to this local branch office in Queen Anne of Home Street Bank, and really liked the feel as soon as we walked in.  The staff was friendly etc, so guess all 3 employees were from some where other than Seattle.  After that we called the owner of their building and met with him about office space he had.  Bryan was too cool, a really good reason why Seattle Doesn’t Suck!  He was genuinely a nice guy, and we really liked him.  He gave us the details and he ended up talking his website called  I must check it out.  He learned what we were doing with our new company and wanted us to build a competing service of Zillow for his commercial real estate offerrings at  wow, i like the name much better than i thought about it.  I am typing it in as links as I am trying to get  afeel for the beauty of the name.  It’s a cool name, and Bryan we hope we get your office space, and than we can build you a cool web solution for your real estate dreams to come true!  So a small coincidental trip made me a believer on why I want my office at Queen Anne top of the hill, and life in Seattle is awesome!  And, it does not suck!
Than we went to lunch at a local Indian Restaurant called Banjara.  The new owners there were very nice, they moved up here in Queen Anne a few years ago, buying the restaurants from my old friend Qazi.  The new owners recognized Keith right away, and they were really cool because they were inquisitive, interesting, and made good Indian Food. Another really good reason, Seattle Doesn’t suck.

After the bank trip we worked on the website and came back to our local coffee shop called Fiore on Galer Street in Queen Anne.  It’s a new but very cool coffee shop, the owner Deming walked by and said hello to both keith and I.  He genuinely likes us, I think, so that is another reason why Seattle Doesn’t Suck!


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death of a Seattle Real Estate news blog and now I am free to press on my life I had to write about Seattle Real Estate because my other Seattle real estate blog is again giving me trouble

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